How can we know if the places we live, work and play are good for our health and well-being?

The study between health and indoor living

The only way to know how indoor environments can contribute to health and well-being is to scientifically study them. As a collaboration of Delos and Mayo Clinic, the Well Living Lab brought together building science and health science to conduct this innovative research. The new venture attracted the attention of Nature, which featured the Lab in in an article called “The office experiment: Can science build the perfect workspace?”

The Lab’s unique data and building infrastructure enables human-study research in the 5,500 square-foot laboratory in Rochester, Minnesota, and soon, anywhere in the world with an internet connection, using a cloud-based, secure system. In 2019, another Well Living Lab will open in Beijing, China.

We collect and analyze thousands of data points and uncover correlations that can be applied in practical ways to provide long-term benefits to people and society.

Our milestones

Can better health happen indoors?

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Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is the worldwide leader in solving the most complex medical challenges for patients, through integrated clinical practice, education and research. It is a not-for-profit organization with primary locations in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.