How much time do you
spend indoors every day?

Eight hours? Maybe even 15 hours? Try more than 21 hours for the average American. That’s 90 percent of our days that are spent indoors—whether at home, an office or work environment, school, retail stores, fitness centers, health care facilities, and more—our exposure to indoor environments is at an all-time high. Most people don’t realize how buildings, and everything in them, can affect our health and well-being. That’s where the Well Living Lab comes in: to provide a more focused study of the connection between health and the indoor environment.

There’s a growing consensus that healthier indoor environments can have a positive impact on our health. As a result, innovative organizations are starting to change the way they think about indoor spaces.  

Human-centered research. Real-world impact.

At the Lab, we research the real-world impact of indoor environments on human health and well-being, and generate evidence-based information that can be used in practical ways to create healthier indoor spaces. Our one-of-a-kind research facility is completely reconfigurable and features advanced sensor technology and remote monitoring that allows people who participate in our studies to move about freely—as they normally would—unencumbered by wires, devices and monitors. But research is not limited to the Lab environment: our remote monitoring control center allows us to observe and track study participants outside the Lab, at home, work or play.

It’s all about making life better.

By 2021, the Well Living Lab aims to answer critical questions to make homes, offices and independent living environments healthier places. That means indoor environments could be altered to reduce stress and increase comfort, performance and sleep. By understanding the interplay of elements such as sound, lighting, temperature and air quality, indoor spaces may be altered to address people’s specific and overall health needs. And by understanding how people’s behavior is shaped by their physical environment, facilities can be designed to maximize positive health habits and reduce negative influences. This ambitous three-year research plan is the start toward transforming human health and well-being in indoor environments.

A look inside a revolutionary lab

There are many research facilities around the world, but the Well Living Lab is unique in part because of its physical structure, flexibility and technical capabilities. It’s difficult to imagine a place so advanced and revolutionary, but take a few minutes to watch our guided video tour and you will begin to imagine and believe that a healthier indoor world is possible.

Our Experts




Mayo Clinic is a world-leading health care system with more #1 rated specialties than any other health system in the country.

“There is a growing awareness and body of scientific evidence that indoor, built environments can affect human health and well-being, with the perception often being that indoor environments have a negative impact on health. But new knowledge shows that by building healthier indoor environments, we can actually preserve and enhance human health and quality of life.”

Brent Bauer, MD Medical Director, Well Living Lab


Delos is a leading force in establishing the WELL Building Standard® (WELL), the first building standard to focus exclusively on human health and wellness in the built environment.

“Building on existing standards, which guide developers and manufacturers of products and services toward the goal of healthier indoor spaces, the Well Living Lab will be a leader in translating scientific research into practical solutions for indoor environments that have the potential to enhance human health and quality of life in a multitude of ways.”

Peter Scialla COO, Delos

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