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How much time do you spend indoors every day?

How much time do you spend indoors every day? 10 hours? 15? Try more than 21 for the average American. That’s about 90 percent of the day. We’re at home; visiting others; at work; in cars, busses or trains; at school; in stores, fitness centers, churches, health care facilities and more; all indoors. And most people don’t realize how buildings and what’s in them affect our health and well–being.

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Can better health
happen indoors?

The Well Living Lab studies how indoor environments can
improve human health and well-being. This goes beyond efforts that focus on being environmentally responsible and resource efficient. Our work is about making people’s lives better. Human health and well-being are at the center of our research.

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Here’s how we find out

Our research aims to understand how indoor environments affect five factors: health, stress and resiliency, performance, sleep, and comfort. People in our studies go about their day-to-day lives in a simulated, real-world environment, while scientists adjust elements such as sound, lighting, temperature and air quality. Unobtrusive sensors monitor biometric reactions and self-reporting tools garner additional insights.

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Coming together to advance human health

An unprecedented convergence of specialties and organizations have come together to support and advance the work of the Well Living Lab–collaborators Delos and Mayo Clinic, researchers in building and health science, a scientific advisory council and a global membership alliance.

Mayo Clinic

Global membership alliance

Our global alliance members have a deep desire to create products and provide services that positively impact health.

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