When the right people convene around the right cause, change begins

There are times in everyone’s life when you know you were just part of something big, something that is going to make an impact. A really big impact. We had a moment like this recently in September, in Rochester, Minnesota, when the Well Living Lab Alliance gathered for the first time after opening the Lab’s doors in May.

Well Living Lab Inaugural Alliance meeting

Pictured left to right: Phil Williams (Delos), Alfred Anderson (Delos), Kate Connolly, (Delos), Rich Macary, (Delos), Waldo Diaz (IBM), Barb Spurrier, (Delos), Kavita Mathur, PhD (Welspun), Shaun Stewart (Delos), Matthijs Blokhuis (Noaber), Barry Leonard (Welspun), Rutgar Baan (Noaber), Brent Bauer, M.D. (Mayo Clinic), Charudatta Joshi (View Glass), Fabienne Jacquet (IFF), Brandon Tinianov, PhD, (Viewglass), Joleen Bernau (Mayo Clinic), Sunny Grewal (View Glass), Chris Ramos (Delos), Jie Zhao (Delos),  Dana Pillai (Delos), Nicolas Clements, PhD (Delos), Francesca Ripple (Delos), Isaac Mulvihull (Delos)


The Well Living Lab Alliance is comprised of companies that are playing a leadership role in understanding and creating indoor environments that can enhance human health and wellness. This group of organizations, and the people who are part of them, want to conduct and translate research that can improve our daily health and wellness, eliminating stressors and helping us increase our vitality and performance.  The Well Living Lab Alliance community wants to bake health and wellness in to how we build and operate our indoor environments – our homes, offices, schools – demonstrating how lighting, temperature, water quality, surfaces, sensor technology, furniture and building materials can be used to improve health and wellness.  The Well Living Lab Alliance will together dream big dreams about the future and accomplish more and at a faster pace than what is possible in going the journey alone.


Noted in today’s workplace are the ever-growing employers and building owners striving to create environments that provide a health benefit for their customers, employees, occupants.  And noted are real estate developers trying to create nurturing, connected, safe homes and havens where health and wellbeing can flourish for residents and families.  This is more then just a trend, this is the new normal, acknowledging the fact that as human beings we spend more than 90% of our time indoors.  These Alliance companies are the early adopters, the pioneers who see the opportunity to create meaningful change.


The Well Living Lab Alliance is for any and all organizations, including corporate, non-profit, academic, research and governmental organizations that have a desire to partner to advance the Well Living Lab’s mission of transforming health and wellness in the indoor environment and accelerate impact in the world. We are excited to be on this journey. If your organization is interested in becoming a Well Living Lab Alliance member, read more here.