Three Guiding Words: Discovery, translation, application

The DNA of our research is in DTA – three guiding words adapted from Mayo Clinic’s research approach: Discovery. Translation. Application. Mayo Clinic carefully selected those words to describe how it uses science to find answers for unmet medical needs:

  • Discovery: Seeking to find new ways to improve health.
  • Translation: Turning those discoveries into evidence-based, actionable treatments, process and procedures.
  • Application: Putting new knowledge into practice to improve care for people.

The Well Living Lab applies the same philosophy as it seeks to uncover discoveries to transform health and well-being in indoor environments. This aligns with one of the lab’s strategic goals, which is to catalyze innovation – to collaborate across the health and building ecosystem to positively influence people’s lives where they live, work and play.

Just as research drives everything that Mayo Clinic does for patients, research at the Well Living Lab is grounded in addressing ways to achieve better health, and in doing so, creating better indoor spaces. The lab is all about being able to uncover practical solutions that can be turned into actionable strategies.

By collaborating across specialties, Well Living Lab research uniquely addresses interplays between key aspects of the human condition and environmental elements. Health, sleep, performance, comfort, stress and resiliency affect each other. So do elements such as sound, lighting, temperature and air quality.

Discovery happens when various combinations of these factors can be studied to uncover their positive, neutral and negative effects. Translation occurs as scientists analyze what the science has found and identify interventions to improve health outcomes. Application means using the knowledge in the practical, useful ways that solve problems. It happens through dissemination of findings, through Well Living Lab alliance members who create better products and environments, through people who utilize what the Well Living Lab learns by changing behaviors, habits, lifestyles and their environments to improve their health and well-being.