The Well Living Laboratory’s purpose is to enable, share and scale….“Actionable, Human-Centered Research That Creates Healthier Indoor Environments”

It is often said that great research is “an inch wide and a mile deep.” This will be our approach at the Well Living Lab to understanding the impact of indoor environments on human health and well-being.

In case you missed our public debut, the Well Living Lab opened its doors in late September during Mayo Clinic Transform 2015. Hundreds of people and several news media took tours of the Lab and were able to spend time with our team of experts, learning about indoor health and how the Lab is poised to transform the way we think about health and indoor environments.

The Well Living Lab is a Delos and Mayo Clinic collaboration. Our two organizations joined forces to more effectively improve indoor health and wellness for people everywhere.

Located in Rochester, Minn., adjacent from Mayo Clinic, the Lab features 7,500 square feet of sensor-rich, reconfigurable space that is the first of its kind to provide research-grade, human-subject and environmental-condition data, that will be gathered from a wide variety of simulated settings. The Lab is unique because it can be quickly reconfigured to represent real-world settings—from offices to homes—and our world-class remote monitoring capabilities will also allow us to conduct research in settings outside the Lab.

The beauty of the Lab is that because of the advanced sensor technology we employ, the Lab will be able to observe and study real people, in real settings, as they would normally behave. No more wires and leads and uncomfortable, clinical settings. Research subjects will be able to move about freely and behave as they normally would. This will be significant to the quality of the data we compile and the solutions that are developed as a result of our future research.

The applied research conducted at the Lab will serve to better understand, evaluate, rank, knit and bind existing research to create broader and more meaningful public use. We will bring together the health care expertise and world-class research of Mayo Clinic and the knowledge of health and wellness in the built environment provided by Delos to leverage and expand upon the principles of the WELL Building Standard®, which focuses on seven categories relevant to occupant health — air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. Pioneered by Delos, and launched in 2014, administered by the International WELL Building Institute, the WELL Building Standard is third-party certified through the Green Building Certification Institute.

The information and knowledge gained about physical health, sleep/rest, memory/information retention, stress, performance and other aspects of overall well-being will inform medical science, public health, building science, the design and construction of products, facilities operation and maintenance. We also believe this work will benefit professionals in human resources, real estate, investment institutions, and at the public policy level.

We hope you will engage with us often; be it through this blog, our website or on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube). Join us on our journey to learn about and to transform the way people live, work and play indoors.