News from the Lab


September, 2017

Well Living Lab Expert: Aging in the Netherlands is Changing

Well Living Lab Scientific Advisory Board member Folkert Kuipers, Ph.D., recently spoke at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation Speaker Series, Thinking Differently. Dr. Kuipers is the Chair of the new Healthy Life Alliance, established to support the mission and ongoing activities of the Noaber Foundation regarding innovation and care in an aging society. Dr. Kuipers is also Professor of Pediatrics and head of the Laboratory of Pediatrics at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), in Groningen, Netherlands where researchers are putting into place mechanisms to support healthy aging while addressing associated societal concerns, such as a shrinking workforce to care for the elderly. Current research is also being conducted on Blue Zones, and if they can be created and sustained intentionally to support a healthy life span. It’s a simple yet powerful vision: “Help people live longer in their houses.” Keep reading here.