News from the Lab


September, 2017

Well Living Lab (China) – Update

Just two years after opening the world’s first Well Living Lab in Rochester, MN, a second Well Living Lab is coming to fruition – in Beijing, China. Construction of Well Living Lab (China) is underway and the 25,00 square foot lab to be located on a 14-acre health and wellness campus, is targeted to open in the fall of 2018. It will be the first scientific research center in Asia to integrate building science, behavioral science and health science to help quantify and ultimately improve the impact that the indoor environment has on human health, well-being, comfort, and human performance. Through this research, the Lab aims to spur innovations that will help address indoor environmental challenges specifically related to the country’s climate, environment and culture. In addition to the Beijing location, the Well Living Lab (China) intends to establish several satellite research facilities in major Chinese cities. This lab will work closely with Chinese research institutions and real estate collaborators to integrate local research goals into a broader global agenda, aligned with Rochster Lab activities. We are excited that the Well Living Lab is expanding to be an international research center with multiple locations.