Milliken & Company Joins Well Living Lab

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – For diversified global manufacturer Milliken & Company, safety and health have always played a role in how the company conducts business. Solidifying this sentiment on a global scale, Milliken & Company became a founding member of the Well Living Lab, a collaborative research initiative led by Delos and Mayo Clinic dedicated to studying the impacts of our indoor environments on health and wellness. Milliken joins 18 other building science and medical research leaders in coming together to creating healthier spaces in which to live and work.

The first of its kind, the Well Living Lab is an exclusively human-centered research initiative focused on understanding the interaction between health and well-being, and indoor environments. The Well Living Lab believes that our society performs better in all aspects of life when people are at their healthiest – a tenant Milliken has championed for decades through its work with safety and wellness programs.

“In exploring, discovering and creating meaningful ways to enrich daily life, Milliken associates are first and foremost innovators with purpose,” shares Paul Pruitt, Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Engineering for Milliken & Company. “Our goal is to purposefully collaborate with the Well Living Lab to better our world in a meaningful manner.”

In studying the built environment’s impact on human health, the Well Living Lab and its collaborators look to advance the industry’s approach to conceptualizing, creating and building indoor spaces. Milliken – as a leading textile and chemical manufacturer, flooring solutions provider and committed wellness advocate – hopes to contribute to this conversation through:

  • Applying material transparency and selection knowledge gleaned from the floor covering industry. Diving into the material make-up of Milliken flooring products allowed for the company to better understand – and ultimately, make more informed decisions about – sourcing materials for responsible product development.
  • Advocating for safety and wellness principles, which Milliken has a legacy of developing and implementing.
  • Serving as a resource in health, wellness and environmental matters extending beyond the built environment.

“We are pleased to have Milliken join our Well Living Lab Alliance, and look forward to working and learning together as we uncover scientific findings to transform health and well-being in built environments,” says Brent Bauer, M.D., medical director of the Well Living Lab and director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program.

“From conscientious product development to mindful and deliberate sustainability practices, we know that by protecting our planet, we also advance our community in the process,” continues Philip Ivey, Strategic Sustainability Leader for the global Milliken floor covering division. “By stepping forward to contribute to the Well Living Lab, we hope to share what Milliken has learned in the last 150 years in order to enhance the lives of those around us.”