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January, 2017

Looking Forward with Gratitude

As 2016 draws to a close and we look to a new year filled with hope and possibility, we wish…

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2016 Key Highlights

Pictured left to right: Phil Williams (Delos), Alfred Anderson (Delos), Kate Connolly, (Delos), Rich Macary, (Delos), Waldo Diaz (IBM), Barb Spurrier, (Delos), Kavita Mathur, PhD (Welspun), Shaun Stewart (Delos), Matthijs Blokhuis (Noaber), Barry Leonard (Welspun), Rutgar Baan (Noaber), Brent Bauer, M.D. (Mayo Clinic), Charudatta Joshi (View Glass), Fabienne Jacquet (IFF), Brandon Tinianov, PhD, (Viewglass), Joleen Bernau (Mayo Clinic), Sunny Grewal (View Glass), Chris Ramos (Delos), Jie Zhao (Delos), Dana Pillai (Delos), Nicolas Clements, PhD (Delos), Francesca Ripple (Delos), Isaac Mulvihull (Delos)
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2017: The year ahead

Below is a high-level synopsis of the 2017 goals and focus for the year ahead. Advance the research theme of…

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Our First Study

The Well Living Lab’s first study has been completed, as detailed here:  Acoustic, Lighting and Thermal Conditions in Offices and…

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In closing…

We are excited that the Well Living Lab has moved from concept to a fully functioning, state-of-the-art research environment. We…

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